Creating Hundreds of Utilities in the Regal Legend’s Mission: 2024-2027

After nearly 2 years of being established in Quang Binh, the coastal city of Regal Legend has proved its stature as the largest coastal city in Central Vietnam. It is currently on a mission to create a new global destination with hundreds of international amenities during the period of 2024-2027.


Throughout time, the Regal Legend Urban Area Project in Bao Ninh 1 Town, Bao Ninh Commune, Dong Hoi City (Regal Legend) has become a popular destination for residents and tourists to visit, relax, and enjoy various community activities.

The opening of the Deli shopping supermarket, Monta – Italian restaurant, Toco Toco – milk tea, has increased the total number of living utilities at Regal Legend to 12.

The famous Tocotoco milk tea brand will be the next name scheduled to be operational in Regal Legend. This is a Vietnamese milk tea brand with nearly 600 stores in 13 provinces, appearing in many markets such as the United States, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, becoming one of the young Vietnamese brands that have made their mark on the world milk tea map.

Tocotoco is located on the 1st floor of the Regal Pool swimming pool with a unique architecture that has never been seen before in Vietnam.

The Monta – Italy restaurant will also be a perfect addition to Regal Legend with its diverse range of Asian and European dishes, and a completely different space that will keep tourists staying.

The beach and lakefront promenade are great highlights

Previously, Regal Legend was a rare project in the market that put into operation a series of facilities even though the project had not yet entered into comprehensive operation. The collection of classy utilities filled the journey of tourists’ experiences from accommodation with Regal Collection House hotel to restaurants, food with Ava Pool Bar, Trung Nguyen Legend café; from check-in points – entertainment with Regal Pool swimming pool, A1 Beach Walk promenade, Regal Lake Walk, Suot Mother’s Hat-shaped waterfall, Son Doong Mystery Light & Water Show music square, light path to attractive shopping with Minigood supermarket… along with a series of vibrant festivals throughout the four seasons that have made Regal Legend a symbolic destination for young people and tourists when they set foot in Quang Binh.

The mission of creating hundreds of international utilities from 2024 to 2027

Regal Group not only stops at creating timeless standardization, contemporary art value, combining technology to make each work a lasting masterpiece, but also sets the mission of creating hundreds of international utilities at the Regal Legend coastal urban area from 2024 – 2027. Regal Group has teamed up with major domestic and international partners to promote commercial development, boost business demand, so that each utility when put into operation meets the value of living, enjoyment for residents, tourists, and guarantees bustling, vibrant, enhances business opportunities for real estate and brings sustainable values over time.

The A1 Beach Walk pedestrian street – a utility that has just become operational at Regal Legend has attracted tens of thousands of visitors every night.

The reality has shown that the number of customers coming to enjoy and entertain at the Regal Legend utilities is always crowded and bustling. The Legend Festival 2024 week recently attracted 140,000 visitors, food and drink stalls at the A1 Walk and Regal Lake Walk streets are always overloaded. On social media, there are flooding photos of check-ins, fun at utilities such as the promenade, water music square, Ava Pool Bar… Along with that, the Regal Collection House hotel is always in a “fully booked” state every holiday, with a full occupancy rate of 80%; Trung Nguyen Legend café has become a luxurious rendezvous for gathering with friends, partners, or watching outdoor movies…

The European restaurant attracts international tourists at the Regal Collection House.

In the future, famous brands such as the Korean Spicy Box hotpot restaurant, the Taiwanese (Chinese) Xingfu Tang milk tea, shopping space, food of Regal Food, Regal Mall shopping center… and hundreds of multi-industry business booths will continue to fill the pedestrian streets in the urban area, creating a scale entertainment and shopping destination, always bustling and vibrant 24/7. The high-class utilities at Regal Legend are the fertile land for the development of commercial services, especially when Quang Binh already possesses many advantages such as tourism, young population, high level of integration and globalization.

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