2024 – Vietnam’s Year of Progress

2024 brings few optimistic signals for the global economy, but it is a year of hope for Vietnam and its economy, according to former Deputy Prime Minister of Germany, Philipp Rösler. Vietnamese people, who always have deep affection for their homeland, have now "revealed" their "grand plans" for this special year.


Former Vietnamese-German Deputy Prime Minister Philipp Rösler

Mr. Philipp Rösler made this observation in an online interview with the Government Electronic Newspaper on the eve of the 2024 Lunar New Year.

Prof. Philipp Rösler speaks highly of the upgrading of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for peace, cooperation, and sustainable development between Vietnam and the United States during President Joe Biden’s state visit to Vietnam in September 2023. Less than two months later, General Secretary, State President of China Xi Jinping also visited Vietnam. In the early days of 2024, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier led a business delegation to Vietnam. These “warm” visits signal positive prospects, opening up many opportunities to attract foreign direct investment and promote Vietnam’s foreign trade in 2024.

Hoisting the Vietnamese flag high at international forums

Commenting on Vietnam’s advantages, especially its participation in WEF Davos, Mr. Philipp Rösler assesses that in terms of cooperation, Vietnam has very good relations with both the United States, China, and the European Union. As an independent “player” in the global economy, Vietnam enjoys an excellent position in the context of increasing geopolitical tensions worldwide.

Vietnam has a large workforce with skilled labor, high level of education, good English proficiency, diligence, discipline, and leading technological producing capabilities.

Particularly, the business community in Vietnam always receives great support from the Government.

At the high-level Vietnamese delegation led by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attending the 54th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (WEF-54) in Davos (Switzerland) in mid-January, there were many businesses. This demonstrates the support of the Government and the Vietnamese people for the business community, foreign direct investment, and international trade.

According to Mr. Philipp Rösler, Vietnam’s leaders have been successful in attracting foreign resources for the country’s development.

The Government proactively “hoists the Vietnamese flag high” not only at pure economic forums such as WEF Davos but also at others combining politics, geopolitics, and economics, environment protection such as COP27, achieving the goal of attracting all foreign resources to develop the country.

These are very strong signs that Vietnam is actively participating in international forums, where Vietnam can attract foreign direct investment and seek trading partners.

Commitment to fulfill the “order” of the Prime Minister

Former German Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnamese origin Philipp Rösler said that in 2024, he expected to return to Vietnam to fulfill the “order” of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at WEF-54, helping build a financial center in Ho Chi Minh City with Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung and Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Phan Van Mai.

He expects the financial center to not only attract investment into banks in Vietnam but also create opportunities for Vietnamese companies, whether medium and small enterprises, small companies, or large corporations, to better access the global financial market.

With business and charity activities in Vietnam, such as being a member of the Board of Directors of Vietravel Airlines, Chairman of VinaCapital Ventures International Advisory Board, Global Ambassador of VinaCapital Foundation’s “Step Up” program, implementing several projects such as food production, rice production, Mr. Philipp Rösler emphasized: “I have a lot of commitments to Vietnam, and they are all beneficial to Vietnam, the Vietnamese economy, and the Vietnamese people”.

He also welcomes the cooperation agreement between Ho Chi Minh City and WEF to establish the 4th Industrial Revolution Center (C4IR HCMC).

According to him, we are living in an era where everything that can be digitized will be digitized, and with this very center, Vietnam has the opportunity to take the lead in fully digitizing the national economy.

The Center will play a core role in innovating ideal business models that benefit Vietnam and its people.

Mr. Philipp Rösler also recommends that education is the key to national development. Knowledge and skills are playing an important role in the economy, so Vietnam needs to focus on education and training, with an emphasis on finding ways to attract talent to Vietnam, providing optimal knowledge to the people so that they can contribute to the country.

The first honorary consul of Vietnam in Switzerland Philipp Rosler said that he frequently receives invitations to speak and share with overseas Vietnamese about Vietnam. He is very fulfilled when “passing the torch” to the next generation in Vietnam, encouraging them to study hard, work hard, and then contribute to the country, as he is doing, will do, and likes to do.

“No matter where you live, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang (Vietnam), or Zurich (Switzerland), we are one family. Let’s work and succeed for this great family”, Mr. Philipp Rösler sends a message to all Vietnamese people.

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