3 Money-saving Tips x 3 Benefits for Young People

According to a recent survey conducted by MLIV Pulse with individual investors, two-thirds of respondents answered that they still prioritize keeping 60% of their investment portfolio in cash, due to the unclear trends in the financial markets.


At the beginning of the year, everyone wishes for money to enter their accounts as a way of self-generating luck. Only the savings channel can help you do this with certainty, while other channels such as gold, stocks, or real estate have hidden risks.

Many young people also see saving money as a safe and long-term way to “make money give birth to money” for the future.

Let’s explore 3 tips that young people can follow to optimize their savings and get more benefits.

Tip 1: Send money online to enjoy preferential interest rates

Interest rates are always the top concern in any investment channel. Nowadays, most Vietnamese banks offer higher online deposit interest rates than over-the-counter deposits to attract tech-savvy young people.

The interest rate difference between the two deposit methods may not be much, but it is a point that you can take advantage of. For example, at ACB Bank, the online interest rate is 0.2-0.5% higher per year than the over-the-counter rate, which will make you happy because you will receive more interest.

The flexibility of online deposit terms is a feature you should note if you have short-term idle funds and always want to control your cash flow. The digital bank ACB ONE especially has this feature, allowing customers to choose their deposit dates, such as 190 days, 70 days, etc. In addition, customers who deposit savings on ACB ONE can withdraw part of the capital (up to 70%), while the remaining capital will still accrue interest with a fixed term.

Tip 2: Save points to exchange for essential gifts

Unlike the traditional concept of saving money to avoid overspending, digital banks nowadays offer point accumulation programs for gift exchanges for transactions. In fact, you are “saving to save” more thanks to the opportunity to exchange points for free spending through this program.

For example, whenever you deposit savings at ACB Bank, you will accumulate reward points with the ACB Rewards customer care policy. The most prominent difference is that ACB Rewards points are given even on the balance you maintain in your bank account each month. Just maintaining a monthly payment account balance of 1 million VND, you will immediately receive 3 Reward points. With customers’ average monthly balance of time deposits of 10 million VND, you will receive 10 Reward points.

You can use accumulated points to exchange for e-vouchers for free shopping at supermarkets, convenience stores, gym memberships, from the gift store on the ACB ONE digital banking platform, or you can transfer points as gifts for your family and friends.

Tip 3: Take advantage of promotional opportunities from banks

Many banks encourage customers to deposit savings through promotional programs, with chances of winning prizes sometimes up to 100%. This is an opportunity for you to receive gift vouchers, e-vouchers suitable for shopping, or sometimes banks will give home appliances, technology items that you need.

Currently, ACB Bank has the largest promotion program “Tết cùng ACB – Quà tới cản không kịp” (Tet with ACB – Can’t Block the Gifts) ever with a total of up to 700,000 gifts, including thousands of gifts every day for customers who transact online and at the counter.

For those young people who like to send money online, just log in for the first time to your ACB ONE digital banking account and send online savings from 1 million VND, you will immediately receive a lucky scratch card with prizes that can be an iPhone 15 ProMax, or a 500,000 VND e-voucher, or ACB Rewards points up to 1,000 points.

In addition, if you deposit money at the counter or online from 100 million VND, you will receive a lucky draw code to participate in a lucky draw event to be held on 04.04.2024 with many “huge” prizes such as a Mercedes car, 3.4 taels of 9999 gold, and a 100 million VND Visa Debit card.

Customers who do not have an ACB account can experience online savings on the ACB ONE digital banking app with 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Download the app and open a new combo account and ACB UrBox Visa Debit card in just 3 minutes.

Step 2: Send online savings on ACB ONE, and get a chance to participate in an incredibly attractive lucky draw event.

Refer to more information, participation rules, and seize the opportunity to receive gifts quickly for the program “Tết cùng ACB – Quà tới cản không kịp” at the website https://uudai.acb.com.vn.

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