Vietcombank launches multiple programs with preferential loans

All customers who come to Vietcombank will receive the best loan interest rates, finding the most suitable loan package for their needs.



Feel Secure with a Home Purchase Plan

With their first child, Mai Anh and her husband in Hanoi feel it’s time for their family to have their own home instead of renting. The difference in comparing the rent and the amount they would have to pay monthly if they borrow to buy a house is not much. Their family decided to borrow an additional 1 billion VND from a bank and use all the savings to buy an apartment in Ha Dong district near where Mai Anh works.

The condominium is convenient for the whole family as Mai Anh’s husband only needs to walk less than 100 meters to reach the BRT fast bus stop to go to work, and next year, when their little one needs to go to kindergarten, there is also a standard daycare center within the building’s ground floor.

However, getting a bank loan for half of the apartment’s value also has its risks. Most banks these days only fix the interest rate in the first year, and the subsequent years will see an adjustment in the interest. The family might face financial difficulties if their jobs change.

But Mai Anh’s husband is determined to carry out the home purchase plan and use Vietcombank’s “Peace of Mind Interest” loan package with a fixed interest rate for the first 3 years. This is also the only bank on the market that offers customers multiple options for fixed interest rate loan packages for up to 10 years. From now on, Mai Anh and her husband can rest assured, no longer worrying about fluctuating interest rates based on the market. The long repayment period of up to 30 years also helps to ease their financial burden, allowing them to focus on work and gradually repay the principal and interest every month.

Product that meets various needs for home buying, car buying, and personal loans for individuals and businesses

Make Your Dream of Owning a Car a Reality

2024 is predicted to have excellent economic performance compared to the previous year, and domestic car brands are also boosting sales with new models and attractive pricing, promotions, and gifts to attract customers.

Along with the developing economy, people’s lives have also improved. Many families no longer see cars as luxury assets but view them as a necessary convenience in life. Nam, a manager at a foreign-invested business, is planning to buy a car for practical daily use as both he and his wife work far away and the scorching summer season is starting.

Nam chose a Toyota car, but the model recently adjusted its price, so he needs to make a decision to buy early to get the old price. However, after calculating the cost of buying a car, including the vehicle price and registration fees, Nam is worried that the total cost of buying a car exceeds his financial capability. Nam was advised by a showroom salesperson to consider Vietcombank’s “Competitive Interest” loan package with a super low-interest rate starting from 6.0% per year. With the available 600 million VND and an additional 200 million VND loan from the bank, Nam can now own his dream car. Moreover, due to Vietcombank’s partnership agreement with the car manufacturer, the loan application process for Nam is straightforward and convenient, with loan procedures being quickly resolved within a few days. The loan term of up to 8 years also helps Nam reduce short-term repayment pressure.

Customers are advised on the most suitable preferential interest rate programs

Don’t Miss Out on Business Opportunities

Lan Huong, owner of a dried food distributor, has a chance to purchase a batch of goods at a good price. By quickly importing and selling at the suggested price, there will be relatively high profits. However, Lan Huong’s customers, including restaurants and cafes, are facing difficulties. They have not paid her for the previous batches, and she needs the money to import this batch.

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, Lan Huong came across Vietcombank’s preferential interest rate loan package for production and business, which offers a very low-interest rate of only 5.3% per year for her 3-month loan. According to her, this interest rate is the lowest on the market and is suitable for her short-term funding needs.

Vietcombank stated that apart from working capital, SMEs with funding needs to expand their production scale and invest in additional equipment lines can also enjoy the benefits of competitive interest rate loan packages. These packages offer a low-interest rate of only 6.6% per year for the first 24 months for medium- and long-term loans.

Providing various different preferential loan programs demonstrates Vietcombank’s understanding and willingness to share difficulties with customers. In order to achieve this, the bank needs to have financial capability and a commitment to accompany customers in life and business.


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