Giant Spiral Dragon Lantern Amazes Visitors with Million-dollar Price Tag this Lunar New Year

Giant Ky Da fruit hanging on trees, weighing from 3 to 10kg, with prices reaching millions of Vietnamese dong, are becoming a popular choice for people to display during Tet.


Kỳ Đà fruits market

The fruit market in the days leading up to the Lunar New Year in Hanoi, Year of the Tiger, is extremely vibrant, bustling, and full of unusual varieties. Among them, the Kỳ Đà bòng fruit from Tuyen Quang is a big hit.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung (Hanoi), the owner of a shop on Lac Long Quan Street (Tay Ho District, Hanoi) said: “The Kỳ Đà bòng fruit is carefully selected by traders like us and brought to Hanoi to serve Tet holiday enthusiasts.”

“The store started selling this type of fruit from the middle of the lunar month, this year I imported about 800 fruits and so far I have sold nearly 500 fruits,” Mr. Hung said.

The Kỳ Đà bòng fruit is unusually large, with a shiny gold color, a fresh and beautiful appearance, and a very fragrant aroma. It is long-lasting and can be preserved for 2-3 months.

According to Mr. Hung, the Kỳ Đà bòng fruit only has one crop per year. From the 8th lunar month, the fruit is green, and by the 10th month, it turns into an eye-catching golden color.

The Kỳ Đà bòng fruit is sold at prices ranging from 300,000 to 1 million dong per fruit. A fruit weighing 3 – 4kg is priced at 300,000 – 350,000 dong, while a fruit weighing 7 – 10kg is priced at 850,000 – 1 million dong.

Mr. Hung added that despite the difficult economic situation this year, people still prefer to play with this expensive and luxurious fruit. “The fruits are bigger and more beautiful this year, so they are selling much better than in previous years. Perhaps by the 26th or 27th of Tet, I will have sold out,” Mr. Hung shared.

Customers only need to rinse the fruit with clean water and wipe it with a white cloth soaked in white wine to enhance its appearance and create a more pleasant fragrance.

The Kỳ Đà bòng fruits are tightly wrapped in bags and the stems are soaked in water to keep them fresh when they reach customers.

The Kỳ Đà variety is 3-4 times larger than pomelo, with a large size and a cool, pleasant scent, making it a popular decorative fruit on Tet holiday.

On average, Mr. Hung sells 15 – 20 Kỳ Đà bòng fruits per day, with peak days selling nearly 50 fruits. The larger 9-10kg fruits are already sold out, leaving only the 3kg – 8kg ones.

In addition, red pomelos are being sold for prices of 100,000 – 150,000 dong per fruit, watermelons and Buddha’s hand fruit are also in high demand.

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