TPBank wins “Unit Soaring with Heart” award at Wechoice Awards 2023

With cutting-edge and trendy products, as well as unique and outstanding marketing campaigns, TPBank has established a distinct position in the market as a bank that always strives to understand its customers and applies technology to enhance their lives.


On the evening of January 27, the Gala honoring and awarding the WeChoice Awards 2023 took place with great emotion and inspirations at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City).

WeChoice Awards – An annual award organized by VCCorp Joint Stock Company, with the desire to honor the most inspirational individuals, tell the most inspiring stories, and recognize events, products, and projects that have a positive impact on the community.

Nhà báo Trần Mai Anh announced the honored pharmacy unit of the Distinguished Unit category

In the category “Distinguished Unit” aiming to honor Vietnamese businesses that have demonstrated changes in 2023, bringing great value to the community in the past year, there were 10 nominated names: Coteccons, Viettel Money, TPBank, Saymee, Vinamilk, Hảo Hảo, Caty, BIM Group, VietinBank, HDBank.

With 149,000 votes, TPBank is one of the three honored units in this category. Journalist Tran Mai Anh announced and presented the prize.

Representative of TPBank (second from left) received the award “Distinguished Unit”

2023 is a special year for TPBank as the bank celebrates its 15th anniversary and development. “Purple Bank” also officially reached 12 million customers in the last days of 2023, along with nearly 1 billion transactions on the digital banking application (TPBank Mobile App), equivalent to 98% of the total transactions.

TPBank officially reached 12 million customers in 2023

TPBank is a successful digital transformation model for the banking industry. 12 years ago, when new technology played only a part in the bank’s operations, TPBank clearly defined the strategic path of using technology as a key leverage.

The bank invests heavily in the IT team, engineers, and applies a series of new technologies to the customer and internal transaction experience.

“Purple Bank” pioneered many outstanding technologies in Vietnam, including being the first bank to launch LiveBank.

At the end of 2016, TPBank launched the first self-service bank LiveBank 24/7 in Vietnam, allowing users to perform basic transactions anytime, anywhere without going to the bank branch.

TPBank is also one of the first banks to apply eKYC – electronic identity verification method that allows customers to open accounts, apply for cards completely online.

The pioneering application of eKYC helps customers easily open TPBank accounts and cards completely online.

TPBank also pioneers in providing superior experiences on the digital banking application with features such as ChatPay, VoicePay, FacePay, creating different and interesting experiences for customers.

Recently, TPBank has further improved biometric authentication technology by launching the eCM digital assistant, allowing customers to go to TPBank branches (transaction counters, LiveBank 24/7) without documents after registering a one-time profile with TPBank (fingerprint, facial recognition, ID card).

The leading position in digital banking TPBank is confirmed by the ranking of The Asian Banker, voted as the bank with the best digital ecosystem in Vietnam. A deserved recognition for the pioneering mission and innovation in developing the digital ecosystem, creating excellent experiences for customers.

The new features and technologies on the TPBank digital banking application are loved and highly appreciated by users.

In recent years, TPBank has started applying AI and Bigdata to understand its customers. The loan approval and credit profile evaluation process is shortened, bringing convenience. Recently, the 2in1 flash card, which integrates an international payment card and a credit card on one chip, is the latest advanced product from TPBank and the banking industry. After 6 months of use, the card will be granted appropriate credit limits based on spending, financial capacity, and other criteria of customers.

Personalized, user-centric products such as the card collection, MeZone on the digital banking application, nickname accounts… are also innovative products created by the bank to meet the personality needs of customers.

With a customer experience personalization strategy, TPBank attracts a large number of new users, especially with a special appeal to young people.

Buying technology solutions in the present age is not difficult. But what to buy, how to apply, and what problem to solve is a problem for banks. That is why TPBank persists with a business philosophy of understanding customers, serving customer needs, and applying technology to create advanced solutions, bringing different, modern, personalized – technology products to serve humans, customers.

Not only leading the digital banking revolution, in 2023, TPBank continues to be one of the financial institutions at the forefront of sustainable development according to ESG standards, aiming for sustainable, net-zero values, preserving for future generations, and creating a green world.

With a high-level ESG management capacity, TPBank is also fully digitalized and green-oriented. The bank sets the business direction towards credit financing green projects and community-oriented loan products. TPBank also collaborates with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide significant support through practical loans to women-led business groups.

TPBank believes that the care that people can give to people and society, going beyond business goals, is the “pioneering” that leads a bank.

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