4m tall orchid pot valued at almost 2 billion VND has attracted a potential buyer

A majestic orchid pot measuring almost 4m in height and 3.5m in diameter is currently up for sale at a staggering price of nearly 2 billion Vietnamese dong. There is already a hotel owner in Ho Chi Minh City who has expressed interest in purchasing it and negotiations are currently underway to finalize the price.


There is a Phalaenopsis orchid pot about 4m tall and 3.5m wide. It is being sold for 1.868 billion dong and is being displayed at the Tet flower booth in Thao Dien night market (Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City).

The gold-plated flower pot is worth over 150 million dong.

The 4m tall Phalaenopsis orchid pot worth nearly 2 billion dong has received inquiries, “The flower pot is made from 868 white Phalaenopsis orchid branches. There is currently a major hotel owner in Ho Chi Minh City who wants to buy it and is in the process of negotiating the price,” said Mr. Khanh.

According to Mr. Khanh, the number 868 of the flower branches and the gold-plated pot carry meanings of prosperity, wealth, and good fortune in the early days of spring. Skilled workers took over 5 days to complete the artwork.

According to the shop owner, this year’s Tet flower market is gloomier than usual. Mr. Khanh expects the purchasing power to increase slightly in the coming days.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao – the artist who created this artwork shared that when arranging this “giant” flower pot, the workers had to set up scaffolding to complete it. To keep the flowers fresh for a long time, the selected flower branches must be carefully chosen and the roots must be preserved.

In addition to the special orchid pot, this shop also sells various types of flowers in different colors.

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