Eximbank revamps website interface

The website has undergone a modern and user-friendly interface transformation since 01/02/2024, ensuring an enhanced user experience.



According to Eximbank representatives, the change in the interface is part of the bank’s digital transformation strategy, with the goal of making customers the focus.

“The new website will bring customers exciting experiences, especially convenience and intuitiveness in receiving and searching for information according to their needs,” said an Eximbank representative.

Eximbank is changing the website interface. Photo: Eximbank

Designed with Eximbank’s brand identity standards, the website has a user-friendly interface that appeals to all customer segments who trust and use the bank’s products and services.

Accordingly, the website is designed for users to access all prominent product and service groups of Eximbank right on the homepage. Tools and utilities are arranged scientifically based on frequency of use and level of interest, derived from actual surveys of user behavior, psychology, and desires.

In addition to the interface, this new product is also designed with streamlined content and user-friendly operations. The website structure allows customers to flexibly choose queries in two directions: overview of product groups or direct access to specific products. Meanwhile, the information provided by Eximbank is also more refined and highlights the main characteristics of each content and the features that users need.

Technology is also a highlight of the new website with improved access speed and multi-support. The new website integrates many tools to personalize the user experience on the platform.

Specifically, the Search tool optimizes keyword-based information search support for all content on the website. The Add to Favorites feature is convenient for customers to retrieve information for future visits. The “I Want” feature is prominently featured on the quick access bar on the homepage, providing suggestions for customers on Eximbank products that are suitable for specific needs.

In addition, the tools Exchange Rates, Contact, Calculate Interest on Savings, Loans… are intuitively designed and apply smart filters to support customer operations.

The bank representatives said that in the near future, Eximbank’s website will continue to be improved, upgraded, and optimized to provide even more utilities for customers.

“In addition to the new website, Eximbank always strives to improve the quality of products, services, and invest in developing modern technology systems to serve the needs of users,” the representative added.

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