MSB Mastercard World Elite: Exquisite Privileges for Leading the Way Generation

On January 21st, in Ho Chi Minh City, MSB Bank (HoSE: MSB) held a ceremony to award the prestigious Mastercard World Elite high-end credit card to their High Net Worth customer group (individuals with significant wealth).




The credit card represents MSB’s companionship in the journey of sharing the achievements with the upper class, while affirming the bank’s position in the market as the first financial organization in Vietnam to introduce this product (according to Mastercard Vietnam as of January 2024).

The MSB Mastercard World Elite credit card is issued exclusively to customers in the highest segment according to separate evaluation criteria. Pioneering in innovation, creativity, MSB uses metal blanks instead of common plastic blanks, along with a six-pointed star design in two colors, black and gold – symbols of prosperity, luxury, and class affirmation without being ostentatious. The MSB logo stands out in the corner of the card and through the embossed image, representing the role of companionship and a solid support to shine with customers on the journey to conquer new heights. Explaining this design, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang – Director of MSB Priority Customer Segment shared at the event: “The card is inspired by the North Star, a guiding star and compass in thousands of years for those with dreams to discover, trust, and follow. MSB understands that, like the North Star, the success of high-class customers is an inspiration for many generations to progress, thereby creating other great values for society, as an inheritance, continuation, development, and expansion. In addition, the number 6 also symbolizes wealth, luck, and convenience. We hope that the card will help customers achieve great accomplishments through exquisite privileges and suitable prestige”.

Owning a luxurious metal card, customers receive the exclusive privilege of 100% exemption from foreign exchange transaction fees, making spending abroad simpler and easier without the need for currency exchange before each business trip or travel. The journey also becomes complete when customers can choose to relax in a quiet and private space at over 1200 top-class airport lounges worldwide throughout the lifetime of the card, along with 10 lounge passes/year for companions, regardless of ticket class or airline. In particular, customers receive a 10% cashback benefit, up to 36 million VND/year for experiencing top-class travel, services, and cuisine at 5-star hotels, shopping gifts for family and partners with top fashion brands globally. This is the highest cashback offer reserved exclusively for MSB’s high-end customers. In addition, understanding the busy lives of customers and the desire to accompany MSB Mastercard World Elite cardholders in every financial plan, business idea, or moment, MSB also brings high-end personal assistant privileges which include a dedicated Relationship Manager selected from MSB’s excellent advisors, ready to support all customer needs 24/7 with a wide network of partners.

The privileges of the MSB Mastercard World Elite credit card are built upon the legendary adventures. Looking back at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century, B. Dias arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1487, Colombo discovered America in 1492, Magellan became the first European explorer to enter the Pacific in 1520…Moving to the modern era, the world also knows the footsteps that make turning points, such as Howard Schultz – CEO of Starbucks, who came to Italy at the age of 29, discovering coffee culture and bringing ideas back to the US, creating a beverage empire worth up to 78 billion USD. Or J.K. Rowling, who, on a delayed train from Manchester to London, came up with the idea for a famous 7-part novel series called “Harry Potter”.

From these stories, MSB understands that the journey and experience of high-class customers are opportunities for creating success. This becomes the inspiration for MSB to introduce the high-class Mastercard World Elite credit card as a companion, like a famous saying: “The road to a good companion is the shortest road”.

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang said, the launch of the high-class MSB Mastercard World Elite credit card with many outstanding privileges, the bank hopes to bring customers unique experiences and memorable moments. “We hope that the card is not only a simple financial tool but also retains the role of a reliable advisor for cardholders, giving them strong motivation on the journey to achieve accomplishments and family prosperity. In the future, we are committed to continue innovating, continue building world-class and deserving services, in order to better understand and effectively accompany customers”.





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