Only 2 companies decide to distribute dividends before the holiday break from 05-07/02

In the previous week of the Lunar New Year holiday (05 - 07/02/2024), only 2 businesses announced cash dividends. The highest ratio was 10%, which means for every 1 share, shareholders would receive 1,000 Vietnamese dong.


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Businesses finalizing cash dividend payment rights before the Lunar New Year holiday

Two companies finalizing cash dividend payment rights next week are Vietnam Disinfection Joint Stock Company (HOSE: VFG) and Bac Ninh Water Supply Joint Stock Company (UPCoM: BNW).

VFG will finalize the 2nd temporary cash dividend payment rights of 2023, with the implementation rate of 10%. On the market, VFG has over 41.7 million circulating shares, estimated to require nearly 42 billion VND for this temporary payment. The ex-rights trading date is 06/02/2024, and the expected payment date is 08/03/2024.

On 06/02, it is also the ex-rights trading date for the 1st temporary cash dividend payment of 2023 of BNW. With over 37.5 million circulating shares and a rate of 5% (500 VND/share), the estimated amount the company needs to pay for the completion of this payment is nearly 19 billion VND. The expected execution date is 06/03/2024.

Next week, there will be no companies finalizing dividend payment rights with shares.

Chau An

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