Son Hai Group: 700 workers organize “3 shifts, 4 schedules” to work 24/7 during Tet on the expressway section expected to be completed ahead of schedule by at least 1 year

These days leading up to Lunar New Year, Son Hai Construction Site doesn't stop working. We organize construction shifts "3 shifts, 4 groups" continuously with construction teams, working through the Lunar New Year, involving more than 700 workers working 24/7," shared the leader of Son Hai Group about the progress of the Vân Phong - Nha Trang Expressway project.


Starting from 2023, Son Hai Group has continuously won multiple infrastructure contracts, including 3 packages in the East-West North-South highway project, for which the company commits to a 10-year warranty:

– Package 12-XL: Constructing the section from Km23+500 – Km70+091 of the North-South highway, from Hoai Nhon to Quy Nhon.

– Package XL01: Constructing the section from Km568+200-Km600+700 of the North-South highway, from Vung Ang to Bung.

– Package XL02: Constructing the section from Km337+500 – Km368+350 of the North-South highway, from Van Phong to Nha Trang.

The contract price for the 3rd package is 3,549 billion VND, with a winning price of 3,314 billion VND, implemented by the joint venture of Son Hai Group and Vietnam Export Import and Construction Corporation, starting from February 2023.

Currently, we have completed 15 kilometers of asphalt on a total of 22.73 kilometers, and started the construction of the median strip to ensure traffic safety. Even during the days leading up to Tet, Son Hai’s construction site does not stop. We organize construction at the site with a continuous “3 shifts, 4 crews” operation, with more than 700 workers working 24/7,” Mr. Nguyen Van Huy, Deputy Director of Son Hai Group, answered the Government Newspaper.

According to Son Hai Group’s plan, package XL02 will be completed at least 1 year ahead of schedule. This is based on the application of new construction technologies and reasonable, scientific planning. One of the technologies applied by Son Hai is the use of automatic mold pressing machine for constructing the median strip, which produces the concrete median strip on site.

Package XL02 has completed 15 kilometers of asphalt on a total of 22.73 kilometers. Photo: VGP.

According to the observations of VGP, the machine moves in the middle of the road and “releases” a continuous concrete median strip, not only achieving uniform quality with high aesthetics but also saving construction time and increasing productivity. The machine used is the Power Curber 5700.

Prior to this, the Nha Trang – Cam Lam section of the North-South highway, which was also constructed by Son Hai Group, exceeded its progress by 3 months and officially opened to traffic on May 19, 2023. The project was completed in less than 2 years, despite the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic and high price inflation.

Referring to this project in the news bulletin of VTV in May 2023, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai, Chairman of Son Hai Group, said that to achieve such an early completion of a project, the Group did not have any immediate economic motives or objectives.

“Here, we keep our commitment to the Minister of Transport and the Prime Minister,” said Mr. Hai.

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