BMW iX3 2025: Unrivaled Performance with 800km Charging Range, a Game Changer in Vietnam

The iX3, the first line of cars to feature BMW's new all-electric platform, is set to make a revolutionary debut.


The BMW iX3 second generation is one of the electric models expected to be launched by the Bavarian brand in 2025. At that time, the new iX3 will be one of the first models to use the all-electric Neue Klasse platform. Also in 2025, the new generation BMW 3-Series electric will be introduced.

The BMW iX3 is expected to be the flagship model of the brand’s electric vehicles in the future. Photo: Drive

According to BMW’s production plan for the new iX3 in Germany, this model will start production in the next 18 months, which means the specific launch time is expected to be in mid-2025. At the same time, the combustion engine-powered BMW X3 will also be upgraded.

Returning to iX3, the test version of this model has appeared in Europe for a while. Despite the disguised exterior, it is not difficult to recognize that the overall frame of the car is similar to the previous version. Many classic BMW details such as the Hofmeister kink at the rear window are retained.

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The test version of the second generation BMW iX3 retains the overall design of the previous version. Photo: Carscoops

The interior of the car appears briefly in the picture, it seems to resemble the Vision Neue Klasse concept – the draft version of the new 3-Series. The digital dashboard is usually not visible, instead there will be augmented reality images projected onto the windshield. The center console will still have an entertainment screen, but it will not be as large as other brands’.

The interior partially referenced in the new generation BMW iX3 based on the Vision Neue Klasse concept. Photo: BMW

With the Neue Klasse platform, the new generation BMW iX3 will have a premium 800V fast charging structure. However, the biggest highlight of the car’s powertrain should be the BMW 6th generation electric battery. The German brand promises that this battery will have a higher energy density of more than 20%, a longer operating range of more than 30% (equivalent to about 800 km), and a lower carbon emission during production compared to the current battery.

The new BMW iX3 will have both single and dual motor options. The top version may be an M version with an expected power output of around 600 horsepower.

In Vietnam, the BMW iX3 is being distributed by the authorized dealer. The competitor of this model is the Audi e-tron. If the new generation of iX3 comes to Vietnam, this SUV will be hard to compete with in terms of operating range in its segment. The upgraded version of the e-tron coming to Vietnam will only increase the operating range to about 550 km.


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