Sheraton Hanoi Hotel Celebrates 20 Years of Dedication to Excellence

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel organized a spectacular event on March 11, 2024. The commemoration ceremony was attended by 230 esteemed guests, including business partners, wedding industry partners, and media partners, and it was a resounding success.


This event has received a lot of positive feedback from attendees for its exceptional menu, engaging program, vibrant music and visuals, thrilling magic acts, and exciting lucky draw. Tiffany Hwang, the General Manager of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, expressed her gratitude: “We deeply understand that every touchpoint is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression with you. This promise is not just for tonight, but every day we strive to fulfill it with our customers and partners in the most complete way possible.”

The event kicked off with a captivating opening dance performance, in which the dancers interacted with LED screens highlighting the significant achievements that Sheraton Hanoi Hotel has accomplished since its establishment in 2004. In the latter part of the performance, 5 dancers in Sheraton Hanoi Hotel staff uniforms, representing key operational departments including Front Office, Housekeeping, Engineering, Restaurants, and Kitchen, along with iconic body movements, introduced 5 future development focuses of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel and showcased the team spirit of all colleagues in bringing this hotel worthy of its prestigious 5-star rating. The audience was further captivated by a touching video about the dedicated staff who have contributed to the hotel’s success over the past two decades, as well as a special dessert accompanied by a ‘Thank You’ message to the attending guests.

The opening dance performance showcased the teamwork spirit of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel’s staff members that has made it successful for the past 20 years.

The memorable moment of the evening was when the General Manager, together with the 4 members of the Hotel’s Board of Directors and all distinguished guests in the audience, counted down from 5 to 1 to unveil the main message of 20 years of operation and welcome the new era of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel – ‘Two Decades of Prestige, Twenty Years of Dedication, and Many More Years of Pursuing Excellence.’ Dam Duc Vu, a representative of the media, expressed his emotions: “I am deeply moved by the 20 years of effort that the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel team has put in to create a reputable hotel like it is today.”

The invited guests, along with the Hotel’s Investor Representative and Board of Directors, raised their glasses to celebrate.

The event also served as a reaffirmation of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel’s brand promise. In 2016, when Marriott International acquired the Sheraton brand, it marked a significant transformation for the hotel. Sheraton Hanoi Hotel quickly adopted a new brand identity and continued to operate according to its pre-existing Sheraton brand positioning, becoming ‘Where the World Gathers’.

In her speech, Tiffany Hwang affirmed: “In the past 2 decades and the years to come, we have, are, and will be putting our heart and soul into making Sheraton Hanoi not only a friendly hotel to stay, a comfortable venue for events, or premium restaurants to enjoy culinary delights, but above all – a friendly and inviting destination for you to converge and connect.”

Sheraton Hanoi is a friendly and inviting destination for you to converge and connect

Other members of the Board of Directors also emphasized Sheraton Hanoi Hotel’s commitment to providing smooth experiences and the best environment for target customers to feel secure to work more productively, to connect and build quality relationships, to develop personally and professionally, and to feel familiar, comfortable, happy, and inspired.

Continuing to move forward, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel is constantly striving to improve its services, upgrade its facilities, undergo digital transformation, provide sustainable hotel services, and develop talents in 2024 and beyond.

Alongside this event, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel will organize a series of events and offer customers various room and banquet promotions, and especially culinary service promotions throughout 2024.

Sheraton Hanoi Hotel is surrounded by the peaceful beauty of West Lake, by gardens, trees, and a refreshing green lawn. The harmonious landscape creates a serene atmosphere for travelers. With 299 guest rooms, each boasting a panoramic view of West Lake and the Red River, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel provides a unique perspective of the city’s largest natural lake. Enjoy delicious local dishes or explore the latest culinary trends at one of our three restaurants. Discover vibrant streets or Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the latest culinary trends at one of our restaurants, or find relaxation in our spa, fitness center, or outdoor swimming pool at Sheraton Hanoi Hotel for a quality vacation.

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