BIN Corporation Explores Investment in Industrial Zones Worth Nearly 7 Trillion VND in Quang Nam

BIN Corporation has recently been awarded a research agreement by Quang Nam Province for the proposed Nam Thang Binh Industrial Park project, with an estimated total investment capital of around 7 trillion VND.


This area is considered the “golden land” of Quang Nam province, attracting high-tech industry groups, bringing high added value, environmental friendly, suitable for the orientation in the Quang Nam province planning period 2021 – 2030, vision to 2050 just announced this morning (March 16).

Responding to the investment call of Quang Nam province, BIN Corporation has conducted research and desires for long-term investment in the South Thang Binh Industrial Park belonging to the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, located in Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province.

Quang Nam provincial leaders sign an agreement to study investment locations for Mr. Le Hung Anh, Chairman of BIN Corporation (second from left).

The project scale is 325 hectares, with a total expected investment capital of about 7,000 billion VND, the project’s operation duration is 50 years. The project’s operational goal: Investment in construction, business of infrastructure of the Industrial Park in the form of an Ecological Industrial Park. This industrial park is oriented to attract industries with a symbiotic nature – minimizing emissions; producing products with high levels of technology and added value to enhance economic, environmental, and social efficiency.

Some specific industries include: Information technology, telecommunications, electronics; deep processing industry for silica-based products; processing of medicinal materials and agricultural products, local agricultural exports… It does not attract industries with potential for environmental pollution.

Mr. Le Van Dung, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Quang Nam (far right) along with BIN Corporation leaders surveyed the investment location.

South Thang Binh Industrial Park, Quang Nam province is oriented as an ecological industrial park with environmentally friendly industries, using advanced technology and creating high added value. Quang Nam province expects that if South Thang Binh Industrial Park is invested properly, with modern infrastructure, it will attract many secondary investors from large countries. thereby shifting the economic structure towards modern industrialization, solving labor issues, and contributing a large budget to Quang Nam province.

Convenient transportation, connecting industrial parks to airports and seaports.

BIN Corporation is a multi-sector corporation headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and expanded internationally with representative offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Canada, and the United States. The current fields of BIN Corporation include enterprise management consulting, financial consulting, digital marketing, e-commerce, tourism, real estate, and technology.

BIN Corporation is a multinational corporation that owns 10 brands, with representative offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Canada, and the United States.

Mr. Le Hung Anh, Chairman of BIN Corporation, was born and raised in Quang Nam, a poor land. Nearly 20 years away from his hometown, living and doing business in Ho Chi Minh City and many other countries, Mr. Le Hung Anh cannot hide his pride when given the opportunity to invest in Quang Nam province. Mr. Le Hung Anh believes that BIN Corporation, with its wide range of relationships with international partners, will have an advantage in attracting secondary investors to invest in high-tech industries, bringing high added value, and being friendly to the environment.

Vo Chi Cong street, 69 km from Hoi An city to Chu Lai Airport (Nui Thanh district), is properly invested to help Quang Nam province exploit the advantages and potential of the large eastern region of the province.

According to the Quang Nam province planning period 2021-2030, the vision to 2050 just announced, from 2021 to 2030, Quang Nam province organizes the space of economic and social activities according to a spatial structure model with 2 regions: the East region and the West region. The East region consists of the coastal plain area, continuing to be the driving force of the province, with key economic sectors as the maritime economy, industry, trade, services, tourism, agriculture.