Celebrating Vietnamese Lunar New Year in a Unique Creative Cultural Space at Vincom

The 2024 Spring Festival with the theme "Happy Spring Garden - Abundance in all directions" has officially opened at 83 Vincom shopping centers nationwide...


With a cross-cultural experience blending tradition and modernity, combined with a “Green” Tet playing style using environmentally friendly materials, the Spring Festival 2024 promises to bring a different and emotional Tet season to all visitors.


Following the Autumn Festival with the theme “Colorful Vietnam”, Vincom continues its collaboration with artist Phuong Vu and Antiantiart to bring an impressive space for the Spring Festival with the artwork “Four-Season Spring Garden”.

In vibrant red, the “Four-Season Spring Garden” painting brings the vitality of the Vietnamese people to the giant Happiness Tree. Throughout the tree, on each branch and leaf, there is a festive atmosphere and characteristic images representing the Spring season in 4 regions. The artwork attracts attention with the image of a green dragon winding around the Happiness Tree, like a guardian protecting the growing shoots of life.

Familiar images of the Lunar New Year are cleverly arranged in a new world full of surprises: Mr. Du is “surfing” on a pen; the Kitchen God and the Carp happily head towards the Vincom Mega Mall Times City gate; the Green Dragon holding a gem and a banh Chung-shaped headphone; a bus with special Tet-themed design and Landmark 81 building made from lucky money envelopes…

Transformed from creative drawings, Antiantiart artists, Vincom, and Phuong Vu have covered the “Four-Season Spring Garden” painting across spaces and utilities in shopping centers, introducing a “contemporary Vietnamese Tet world” that is both fresh and modern yet familiar to each customer.

Vincom Mega Mall Ocean Park attracts all eyes with the highlight being a giant Happiness Tree connecting with characteristic images: grain trees, ethnic musical instruments, a stylized paper fan, peach blossoms, plum blossoms… creating a unique combination of the Central Delta and Northern mountainous regions.

Vincom Mega Mall Smart City delights customers with the peaceful Spring Garden, a modern Tet cultural space in the Northern region with characteristic images such as peach blossoms, couplets, and lucky money envelopes, while the Western region is represented by familiar images such as conical hats, rivers, and Dong Tien flowers. Vincom Mega Mall Royal City also impresses with the Lucky Spring Garden featuring the Tet characteristics of the Northern and Central regions with blooming peach blossoms, kumquat trees, and medicinal plants, conveying hopes for a peaceful and lucky new year.

Vincom Mega Mall Smart City brings a unique contemporary Tet experience merging the North and the Mekong Delta.

Meanwhile, Vincom Center Dong Khoi brings the Southern region an abundantly blooming Spring Garden, with colorful apricot and amaranth flowers created by an impressive multilevel design, bringing wishes for a rich, prosperous, and bountiful new year.

The impressive multilevel Spring Garden space at Vincom Center Dong Khoi.


For Tet shopping, customers can visit the “Green Spring Market” – a special Tet market representing the 4 regions, where essential “must-have” products are gathered for families. In addition, Vincom collaborates with Uniqlo Vietnam and the High-quality Vietnamese Enterprise Association to organize the Gracious Green Market at Vincom Mega Mall Royal City and Vincom Center Ba Trieu.

To meet the “eating Tet” needs, the Spring Festival introduces famous Tet dishes with the Tet flavors of the 4 regions across the country, handcrafted from carefully inspected organic ingredients, ensuring cleanliness from farms to the meals of each customer. Moreover, visitors can directly experience the interesting stages of making traditional Tet dishes that are indispensable for Vietnamese people during the Tet holiday.

The attractive creative experiential space during Tet for customers at Vincom shopping centers.

The highlight of the Spring Festival 2024 must be the series of exciting cultural and entertainment events taking place throughout the Lunar New Year: the “Happy Green Tet” music festival (January 21, Vincom Mega Mall Ocean Park); the “Bringing Spring Luck Home” activities (January 27, Vincom Plaza Viet Tri – Phu Tho); the Lion Dance simultaneously performed at Vincom shopping centers nationwide on February 13 (the 4th day of Tet).


The Spring Festival 2024 also brings customers a series of promotions and exclusive gifts from Vincom and beloved brands. Customers can enjoy the fun and excitement of shopping with attractive offers from the program “Thursday play – Saturday splurge” only at Vincom shopping centers: up to 20% off on dining and up to 50% off on shopping.

Furthermore, customers can also have the chance to receive up to 70% discounts and thousands of Tet gifts from leading brands such as Uniqlo, Gap, CGV, The Body Shop, Lock&Lock, The Face Shop, Beauty Box, Ecco, Cole Haan, Vascara, Owen…

On this occasion, Vincom launches exclusive Tet gifts – 6 red envelopes with unique designs created from the Four-Season Spring Garden artwork, made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. This gift will carry meaningful New Year wishes that customers want to send to their loved ones.

Exclusive Tet gifts with unique designs from Vincom to customers.

Throughout the Giap Thin Lunar New Year, Vincom’s 83 shopping centers nationwide will continuously hold attractive shopping, dining, entertainment experiences, bringing customers a happy Spring with their families and friends.

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