Son Hai Corporation and the Highways that Make Transportation Construction Miracles

One of the recent projects that Son Hao has accomplished is considered a marvel in the transportation construction industry, the Nha Trang - Cam Lam Expressway.


Sơn Hải Group Company Limited, formerly known as Sơn Hải Company Limited, was established in 1998, headquartered at 117 Hữu Nghị Street, Nam Lý Ward, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province. The main business line of the group is building various types of housing, railway and road projects, real estate business, land reclamation. It is a renowned construction company in Vietnam.

As of May 2023, Sơn Hải’s charter capital was recorded at 2,366 billion VND. Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai – Chairman of the Board of Members holds 99.912% of the charter capital, while Mr. Le Thanh Huong – Director holds 0.088% of the charter capital.

Up to now, Sơn Hải is the only infrastructure contractor in Vietnam that guarantees a 5 to 10-year quality warranty for construction projects, road construction, and hydropower projects.

One of the recent remarkable projects in the transportation construction sector undertaken by the group is the Nha Trang – Cam Lam Expressway.

Photo: VPG Nhat Bac

The Nha Trang – Cam Lam Expressway has a total length of 49.1km, starting from Dien Khanh District, passing through Cam Lam District and Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, with a total investment capital of 7,600 billion VND, including about 2,967 billion VND of state capital. The project is invested by Sơn Hải Group under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) method – Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) contract.

The project was commenced in September 2021, implemented in stages with a 4-lane scale, a road foundation width of 17m and no emergency stopping lane. Cars are allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 80km/h and a minimum speed of 60km/h. The project’s full operational duration is 16 years 4 months.

The expressway is expected to be completed and put into operation in September 2023. Sơn Hải Group has achieved a remarkable milestone by putting the expressway into operation since May 19, 2023, exceeding the schedule by 3 months.

The entire route has 4 toll plazas located at the junctions of Dien Khanh, Suoi Dau, Cam Lam, and Cam Ranh City. Among them, there is a CMO expressway management center located at Suoi Dau. The toll collection is done automatically without stopping, using the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system.

The toll plaza scale includes 4 toll lanes (2 lanes per direction), with one multi-lane toll lane (ETC) per direction, and one mixed toll lane (ETC+MTC); the system can handle at a maximum speed of 120 km/h when vehicles pass through the multi-lane ETC and at 40 km/h on the mixed toll lane. The center lane (one lane per direction) applies the ETC toll collection method without barriers, with the maximum speed of vehicles passing through the lane being 120 km/h, while the outer lanes are mixed toll lanes (ETC+MTC) with barriers, with the maximum speed of vehicles passing through the lane being 40 km/h.

Elcom Company is the unit deploying the non-stop toll collection system at the Nha Trang – Cam Lam expressway. Elcom stated that reducing barriers, toll booths, and barriers help save area and toll plaza operation staff. The structure of the new toll plaza mainly consists of gantries to mount cameras and ETC card recognition equipment.

Elcom’s non-stop toll collection system applies advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification – a wireless object identification technology) to automatically identify vehicle information entering the toll lane and deduct money from their traffic account. In addition, the gantries also install AI (Artificial Intelligence) camera systems to identify vehicles with an accuracy of over 99%, supporting the process of identification and recording of other violations such as incorrect lanes and exceeding the speed limit…

As part of the Nha Trang – Cam Lam project, the San Incline Tunnel passing through Khanh Hoa Province is one of the key sections on the North-South expressway phase 1, with a length of 1,480m / 2 complete parallel tunnels, each tunnel is over 700m long.

San Incline Tunnel

In the San Incline Tunnel, Sơn Hải Group applied the world’s leading modern NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method) construction technology. It is also the only tunnel in Vietnam that is fully covered with asphalt concrete. Therefore, when entering the tunnel, there are no more “roaring” sounds like in other tunnels.

To complete the project, Sơn Hải Group mobilized maximum manpower with over 500 equipment, 1,500 workers, divided into 3 shifts working day and night. As a result, the tunnel was opened in May 2022, exceeding the approved progress by 6 months.

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