The prestigious real estate award IPA honors Sun Property

Once again, Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) has been recognized by the prestigious International Property Awards (IPA) as the winner in various categories at both the global and Asia-Pacific level. The awards were given for the Sun Beauty Onsen hot spring villa complex in Thanh Hoa and the Sunneva Island urban development project in Da Nang.


Villas at Sun Beauty Onsen Hot Springs Resort will be filled with hot springs. Illustrative photo

On February 22nd, at the Savoy Hotel in London, UK, the 2023-2024 International Property Awards (IPA) honored Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) with three prestigious awards: Best International Leisure Architecture and Best Leisure Architecture for Asia Pacific for the Sun Beauty Onsen Hot Springs Villas (in Thanh Hoa) and Best Residential Renovation/Redevelopment for Asia Pacific for the Sunneva Island urban renewal project (in Da Nang).

If Oscars, Nobels, Grammys, Michelin stars, etc. are the most prestigious and reputable awards in the fields of film, science, music, cuisine, the International Property Awards (IPA) is the highest and most prestigious award in the real estate industry. Established in 1995, IPA, with its world-leading professional judging panel, is the most coveted award for real estate businesses worldwide, as it guarantees the credibility of real estate brands around the globe.

With a double win at the international and Asia-Pacific levels at the 2023-2024 IPA, Sun Property continues to affirm its leading position in the luxury real estate market in Vietnam.

Officially introduced in 2022, the Sun Beauty Onsen Hot Springs Villas (in Quang Xuong, Thanh Hoa) have received high praise not only for their sophisticated architectural style with Japanese influences but also for pioneering the concept of luxury hot springs resorts in the Thanh Hoa region. To create the perfect architecture for the Sun Beauty Onsen, Sun Property collaborated with two leading Japanese partners, Nippon Koei and Kume Sekkei.

Illustration of the Sakura villas at Sun Beauty Onsen

The hot springs villa complex consists of four villa clusters, each inspired by the four seasons and the “four great flowers” of the Land of the Rising Sun. The Four Seasons Park is located in the central area and reflects the four-season inspiration throughout the entire complex. Each villa in each cluster has its own unique design, from the exterior and interior to the garden landscape, catering to the different tastes of homeowners and visitors. The remarkable common feature of the villas is the hot spring source from Quang Yen (Quang Xuong, Thanh Hoa), which is famous and is supplied to each villa. The outdoor hot spring areas, indoor hot spring baths, and meticulously invested onsen bathing process adhere to Japanese standards. Each villa devotes 50% of its area to the garden, meticulously designed to create authentic Japanese-style gardens. The complex offers a variety of villa types, including not only the hot spring bathing area but also various other features such as Tatami rooms, engawa (verandas), karesansui (stone gardens), shoji (folding screens), Koi fish ponds, and tsuboniwa (small gardens within the house), providing residents with an immersive experience in true Japanese style.

The villa complex is an impressive part of the Sun Beauty Onsen Hot Springs Resort, a 100-ha project in Quang Xuong, Thanh Hoa, offering a peaceful and relaxing resort space that balances the Mind – Body – Spirit – Beauty – Style for homeowners and visitors. With its bold ideas, aesthetic thinking, and a high value placed on enjoyment, the project won the Best International Leisure Architecture award at the 2023-2024 IPA.

Meanwhile, the luxurious Sunneva Island urban renewal project in Nam Hoa Xuan urban area, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang, has won the Best Residential Renovation/Redevelopment for Asia Pacific award after impressing the international panel of experts.

Located on Dong No Island, completely isolated, at the confluence of the Han and Co Co rivers, surrounded by mountains, near the sea, Sunneva Island is the highlight of the prosperous land in the southeast of Da Nang. The project is well-planned, with 16 ha of the total area of 26 ha dedicated to landscape infrastructure and more than 50 internationally renowned facilities typically found in 5-star resorts, such as an infinity pool, a waterfront golf course, a clubhouse, a Jacuzzi pool, a 5-ha internal park, and a 2.2-km riverside promenade. Sunneva Island honors the Indochinese architectural style combined with the unique beauty of Cham culture in every detail of the villas, townhouses, and landscape. When operational, Sunneva Island will set a new benchmark for high-end living in a tropical island metropolis.

With Sunneva Island, Sun Property not only pioneers the creation of a luxury riverside lifestyle in Da Nang but also introduces new focal points in urban development, attracting more and more international experts, successful entrepreneurs, and high-quality personnel to settle and work long-term in a city worth coming to, living in, and investing in, the number one city in Vietnam.

Aerial view of Sunneva Island. Illustrative photo

Prior to that, in the national selection round, three Sun Property projects also made an impressive “hat-trick”: the Sun Beauty Onsen Hot Springs Resort won the Best Leisure Architecture Vietnam award, the Sunneva Island urban renewal project won the Best Residential Renovation/Redevelopment Vietnam award, and the Hon Thom Paradise Island (Phu Quoc) super entertainment-resort-investment complex won the Leisure Development Vietnam award. Sun Property, a high-end real estate developer associated with tourism and resorts, is also a renowned brand with numerous prestigious awards inside and outside Vietnam for its high-quality projects throughout the country, such as Sun Plaza Grand World and Sun Grand City Feria in Quang Ninh, Sun Riverside Village in Thanh Hoa, Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang in Da Nang, Sun Tropical Village, Sun Grand City New An Thoi, Sun Premier Village Primavera, and Hon Thom Paradise Island in Phu Quoc.

“The prestigious international IPA real estate awards continue to be the standard for the quality and value of Sun Property’s real estate projects. These are not only well-invested, large-scale, unique projects but also pioneer a new level of living values for owners, contributing to the beauty of the country. We have, are, and will continue to devote our efforts to creating high-quality, high-class, and distinctive projects that establish new standards for the real estate industry in Vietnam and have international competitiveness,” affirmed a representative of Sun Property.


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