Earn millions of dollars a day by delivering Tet flowers, drivers take advantage of every day and night

The profession of renting out floral and plant transportation services helps many drivers earn a fortune, but this job only lasts about 10 days, so everyone is racing day and night to increase their income.


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Video: Making millions of dollars a day by delivering Tet flowers, drivers take advantage of non-stop cultivation day and night

At the end of the year, when the Lunar New Year flower market is buzzing, flower and plant delivery drivers begin their race to earn extra income. Tet flower delivery services only operate for about 10 days, so drivers try to work day and night to meet the demand of flower enthusiasts.

According to VTC News on February 4, at the largest Tet flower market in Da Nang, located in Tien Son Sports Palace, there were a lot of visitors and flower buyers, so Tet flower delivery drivers rented to work continuously from early morning to serve customers.

According to the hired Tet flower delivery drivers, these few days the weather in Da Nang has been beautiful, so there have been many customers buying Tet flowers. “I went to the market early in the morning to work because it was sunny today and flower buyers came to the market earlier. For seasonal workers like me, this is an opportunity to earn a little extra”, a flower delivery driver said.

Mr. Cao Le Thanh said that he earns 100-170 thousand VND (4.4-7.4 USD) per trip, depending on the value of the flowers, plants, and distance. If Mr. Thanh delivers a large and expensive plant, he can earn 200 thousand VND (8.8 USD). “It’s only about 10 days so I try to run from early morning to late at night to earn some money to prepare for Tet for my family”, Mr. Thanh shared.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tran Minh shared that for over 10 years, every year-end he goes to the Lunar New Year flower market to deliver plants and flowers to customers. “On average, I earn 100 thousand VND (4.4 USD) per trip, running about 10 trips per day, so I earn 1 million VND (44 USD)”, Mr. Minh excitedly said.

Not only motorcycle drivers who rent out their services to deliver flowers, but some transport companies also accept requests to transport valuable large plants.

Even though they can earn millions of VND (44-88 USD) per day, flower and plant delivery drivers must also be very careful because a moment of carelessness could result in breaking the plants, which could cost them millions in compensation. “I have to be very careful because if I accidentally drop or break a 2 million VND (88 USD) plant, I have to compensate the customer, so it’s like working a whole day for nothing”, Mr. Long shared while securing a peach blossom tree on the bike for a customer.

Flower and plant delivery drivers at the Da Nang Lunar New Year flower market are constantly in a “race” to serve customers in the days leading up to Tet. Despite having to stay up late and wake up early, everyone is happy and tries their best to have a warmer and more fulfilling Tet.

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