Strive to fully utilize the government budget in 2024

In terms of allocation, the disbursement of government investment capital requires an acceleration in implementation progress, aiming to fully disburse the state budget capital by 2024.


Prime Minister Nguyen Minh Chinh chairs the regular Government meeting for January 2024 – Photo: VGP


The Government has issued Resolution No. 20/NQ-CP for the regular Government meeting for January 2024.

The Government directs the resolute, synchronized, and effective implementation of tasks and solutions to promote public investment disbursement. This is the key political task for 2024, the conscious implementation of the political tasks of the collective, individuals involved to focus on implementing the tasks and solutions as set forth in Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP, the regular Government meeting resolutions, Prime Minister’s Dispatches.

Allocate in detail the entire state budget investment plan for 2024; review and send to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Finance proposals for specific handling plans for the central budget investment plan for 2024 which has not been allocated in detail for tasks, projects. The Ministry of Planning and Investment, in coordination with the relevant agencies, shall consolidate the allocation of the state budget investment plan for 2024 of the ministries, central agencies, and localities, propose solutions for handling the remaining unallocated portion for tasks, projects, and report to the Government at the regular meeting in February 2024.

Encourage and motivate contractors to work during Tet (“3 shifts, 4 teams”), “overcome the sun, conquer the rain”

At the same time, focus on implementing and effectively implementing breakthrough solutions for the comprehensive development of the infrastructure system, especially strategic transport infrastructure projects. Encourage and motivate contractors to work during Tet (“3 shifts, 4 teams”), “overcome the sun, conquer the rain” to strive to achieve and exceed the progress of key works, projects. The sector management ministries, authorities according to the assignment, and the related localities have plans to ensure construction materials such as land, stone, and sand are fully and timely provided for projects, especially nationally important inter-regional transport projects; instruct ministries and localities on the licensing process for mining, exploitation of stone, sand, gravel, and coastal sand for public investment projects, ensuring quick, efficient, and legal compliance.

Fully implement social security policies, care and take care of the material and spiritual life of the people; strictly implement policies for people with meritorious services, promptly support policy beneficiaries, vulnerable groups, disadvantaged people during the Lunar New Year; provide rice support to the people in the harvest time, areas affected by natural disasters, epidemics, ensure that everyone, every household has conditions to enjoy a happy spring, celebrate Tet, and no one is left behind. Organize visits, encourage, and wish Tet to the veteran revolutionary cadres, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, wounded soldiers, sick soldiers, families of martyrs, families who have made contributions to the country.

Monitor and grasp the labor situation in industrial zones, export processing zones, economic zones, ensuring that workers are fully paid their wages, bonuses, and arranged time off during Tet as prescribed. Fully implement social insurance and unemployment insurance policies. Support businesses in overcoming labor shortages, not allowing labor supply to be interrupted, meeting the human resource needs for production and business of enterprises after the Lunar New Year.

Nhat Quang

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