Gloomy scene of worship shops on De La Thanh street before Tet

The days leading up to Tet are the golden time for the sale of worship items, but this year the stores on De La Thanh street are still empty, in stark contrast to the bustling crowd of people passing through this street.


Famous as the leading street of wooden furniture in Hanoi, here many diverse items are displayed from tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, altars, and many other wooden products.

Next to the frequently congested road are the empty furniture and interior stores

Every year, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, De La Thanh Street is always crowded with buyers, but this year, the number of visitors is scarce, and the atmosphere is quiet.

According to Mr. Nguyen Manh Hai, the owner of an altar furniture store at De La Thanh, since the Covid-19 pandemic, and then the general economic difficulties, the purchasing volume has significantly decreased, making the atmosphere on this road become dull.

“In the past, from October, we started selling furniture. The altar furniture started running from the beginning of the 12th lunar month, but this year, even though it is less than a week before Tet, it is still very empty. Some stores that cannot sustain have had to liquidate the entire store to return the premises,” Mr. Hai shared.

Many altar products with rich designs are only lying still waiting for customers

Empty store

Ms. Tran Thi Dao, the owner of a furniture store here for nearly twenty years, said: “Wooden furniture items are sold regularly all year round, with a major focus on the last three months of the year. Especially, altar furniture will flow in during Tet. But in recent years, consumption has decreased significantly due to economic difficulties, and every household has to cut expenses. Maybe only in the last few days of the holiday can we hope to sell some products.”

Dull trading makes many store owners worried

The empty stores have caused the production workshops to also fall into a situation of hesitation, even closure. The peak season for selling in the year but this situation really makes business people worry.

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