Rubber Stocks Attract Cash

Liquidity increased significantly during the week of January 29th - February 2nd, but there was divergent money flow within various sector groups internally.


During the week of January 29th to February 2nd, the two main indexes of the market had fluctuating movements. The VN-Index decreased by nearly 0.3% to 1,172.55 points, while the HNX-Index increased by 0.5% to 230.56 points.

Market liquidity recovered significantly on both exchanges. For HOSE, trading volume and trading value increased by 16-18% compared to the previous week, reaching nearly 800 million units per session and 17.3 trillion VND per session, respectively.

As for HNX, the average trading volume increased by nearly 14%, reaching 68.2 million units per session. The average trading value increased by 22%, reaching over 1.3 trillion VND.

Overview of liquidity in the week of January 29th to February 2nd

Liquidity recovered, but money flows differentiated across various sectors. The real estate sector stood out with divergent developments. Last week, LHG, ITC, TCH, DTD, AAV, NRC, API, VC7 recorded a significant increase in trading volume. On the other hand, SJS, LDG, FIR, CCL, NDN, L14, TIG were representatives of a sharp decline in liquidity.

The construction and building materials groups also saw similar developments. The liquidity-increasing group included TV2, CTI, CMS, HUT, VGC, GKM. Conversely, TLD, MST, MCO, LIG, DVG experienced a decline in liquidity.

Metal stocks also showed slight differentiation. TNT, VPG experienced an increase in liquidity, while HPG, POM saw a decrease.

The securities sector faced withdrawal of funds. TVB, HCM, TVC, VIG, EVS, MBS were among the companies with a sharp decline in liquidity on both exchanges.

In terms of an upward trend, rubber and plastic stocks had a positive week in terms of capital inflows. PHR, DPR, GVR, HII, which are traded on HOSE, witnessed an increase in liquidity. These stocks saw liquidity increase by 200% to nearly 400% compared to before.

Top 20 stocks with the highest liquidity increase/decrease on HOSE

Top 20 stocks with the highest liquidity increase/decrease on HNX

* The list of stocks with the highest liquidity increase and decrease is based on the average trading volume of over 100,000 units per session.

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