Brands’ Creative Inspirations in the Year of Giap Thin

The dragon mascot is an inspiring symbol for creative brands to launch collections, visual designs, or integrate with entertainment activities to attract customers.



In Eastern culture, the dragon is a mythical creature symbolizing power, wealth, and prosperity. In Vietnamese culture, the dragon holds a special significance.


According to legend, the Vietnamese people have noble origins from their “Dragon and Fairy Grandparents”. The dragon not only represents the pure lineage of the Vietnamese people but also serves as a spirit, the owner of water sources, bringing forth a strong life force and ensuring abundant crops. The image of the dragon deeply influences the subconscious mind and becomes the name of regions like Thang Long (soaring dragon); Ha Long (descending dragon); Cuu Long (nine dragons)…


Inspired by the zodiac sign of the Year of the Wood Horse, numerous brands have created their own interpretations of the dragon with countless different forms.


For example, Minh Long Pottery has launched the Dragon Statue collection, which honors the national culture from the creative perspectives of young people.


Consumer brands like Coca Cola, KitKat, Maison Marou… incorporate dragon imagery or dragon motifs into the packaging of their Tet holiday products, adding a new touch to their products and attracting the attention of customers. Lifebuoy introduces the “Lucky Dragon” version – a fruit representing the auspicious animal of the Year of the Wood Horse…


The SOJO Hotels chain also incorporates the image of this lucky mascot into their Tet visuals and combines it with entertainment activities to make an impression on their guests.


During Tet at SOJO Hotels, guests are thrilled to encounter cute stylized Eastern dragons, decorating everything from the exterior to the lobby, as well as on beautiful red envelopes.


Red envelopes adorned with cute dragon designs and the phrase “Good luck”.

According to the hotel chain’s representative, SOJO Hotels wants to employ the image of the dragon to deliver the message of Dragon Up to their customers, wishing for a lucky, prosperous, and successful new year after a challenging and difficult previous year.


The hotel’s youthful and luxurious ambiance is also filled with the festive atmosphere, featuring peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, kumquats, and various other flowers… Moreover, in each hotel, the JO247 Lounge is decorated with Tet and Spring-themed setups in different styles, offering many interesting check-in spots.

Tet check-in area at SOJO Hotel Lao Cai.


Tet check-in area at SOJO Hotel Dak Lak.

The bar area and board games are also enhanced with unique activities for relaxation, such as folding lucky origami dragons, lucky draws, and check-in giveaways…

Guests staying at SOJO Hotel Ga Hanoi participate in a lucky origami folding game.


The lucky draw brings surprises to visitors at SOJO Hotels during the Tet holiday.

In addition, to energize guests during their Spring holiday, the SOJO Hotels chain offers diverse Tet feasts and adds various types of fruit teas, beauty-enhancing teas, new and unique cocktails such as Hibi Hibiscus Tea, New JO Cocktail, Green Bean Matcha… to their beverage list.


Enjoy the spring season with a Tet menu featuring tea and pastries at SOJO Hotels.

To welcome the Year of the Wood Horse 2024, SOJO Hotels offers up to a 35% discount on room rates, as well as complimentary self-laundry services for their guests. This promotion applies to all 12 hotels in the entire chain.


According to experts, the creative use of the dragon image has allowed brands to refresh their Tet holiday image, bringing new emotions and experiences to customers. Through new and unique stories about the animal mascot of the year, conveyed through design language, combined with entertainment and other creative ideas, these brands also contribute to spreading national culture and promoting the values that our ancestors have preserved.


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